The American Federation of Teachers represents over 100,000 of the one million full and part-time nontenure-track faculty in the US, making us the largest union of faculty and of contingent faculty.

Strong, autonomous state and local affiliates are the heart of AFT; we work with them and their members to improve the lives of contingent faculty by:

  • Bargaining innovative contracts that provide more equitable pay and access to employee benefits, establish job security and career ladders, create part-time to full-time conversion lines; and secure professional trainings and supports;
  • Advocating in state capitals for increased investment in instruction and student support services;
  • Increasing access to unemployment insurance and ensure fair treatment under the Affordable Care Act;
  • Encouraging accreditors to weigh the employment conditions of contingent faculty when evaluating higher education institutions; and
  • Educating our communities about how contingency impacts the quality of students’ education.

We are proud of the way our and our affiliates’ work has helped thousands of contingent faculty members to improve their own working conditions, but there is much more to do. Too many talented and committed educators are precariously employed, leading to disrupted lives for faculty and diminished educational quality for students. The AFT is committed to helping contingent faculty fight to improve their working conditions and their students’ learning conditions, and ultimately to ending the two-tiered labor system in higher education.

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