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Organize, organize, organize.

As many of you know, earlier this week the Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments in the Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case. It does not take a law degree to understand the intent of the plaintiffs and their allies in this case, which is to starve public sector unions of the resources they need to effectively … Continue reading Organize, organize, organize.

Integrity and scarcity in the academic labor market

Lots of people have been writing about Michael LaCour, the graduate student who falsified data in a paper that appeared in the journal, Science.  Many of the writers have focused on LaCour’s ethics.  Others question the professionalism of LaCour’s co–author, Donald Green, a respected and influential political scientist, wondering why Green did not catch the fabrications.  … Continue reading Integrity and scarcity in the academic labor market

Duquesne Raises Minimum Wage, Continues Union-Busting

To $16/hour, with an additional 0.5% bump for those whose pay is below $34,000/year. Separately, pay for part-time faculty has increased from $3500/class in 2013-2014 to $4000/class this year. The university continues its efforts to recover from the negative press following the death of longtime Duquesne part-time faculty member Margaret Mary Vojtko…both by these positive … Continue reading Duquesne Raises Minimum Wage, Continues Union-Busting

Part-Time Faculty and the Wider Economy

Is the US economy undergoing a “reset”?  Economist Tyler Cowen thinks so, citing the “smooth” shift to non-tenure track faculty in higher education as an example. This “smooth” shift would be news to the majority of teachers in higher education, who now work part time, 25% of whom depend on public assistance to survive.  Cowen calls … Continue reading Part-Time Faculty and the Wider Economy

Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation strikers

Oregon graduate employees end eight-day strike

After a 22-hour bargaining session, the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation and the University of Oregon reached a contract agreement on Dec. 10 that brought an end to an eight-day strike by the graduate employees.


AFT Oregon wishes adjuncts in Pennsylvania good luck in their election

AFT members in Oregon wish part-time faculty a the Community College of Allegheny good luck as they vote to have a union.

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