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Duquesne Raises Minimum Wage, Continues Union-Busting

To $16/hour, with an additional 0.5% bump for those whose pay is below $34,000/year. Separately, pay for part-time faculty has increased from $3500/class in 2013-2014 to $4000/class this year. The university continues its efforts to recover from the negative press following the death of longtime Duquesne part-time faculty member Margaret Mary Vojtko…both by these positive … Continue reading Duquesne Raises Minimum Wage, Continues Union-Busting

Part-Time Faculty and the Wider Economy

Is the US economy undergoing a “reset”?  Economist Tyler Cowen thinks so, citing the “smooth” shift to non-tenure track faculty in higher education as an example. This “smooth” shift would be news to the majority of teachers in higher education, who now work part time, 25% of whom depend on public assistance to survive.  Cowen calls … Continue reading Part-Time Faculty and the Wider Economy

adjuncts demand respect

Temple University Adjuncts Rally to Form a Union

As part of National Adjunct Action Week, Temple University Adjuncts Rallied for their right to vote for union representation. They marched across campus to the main offices of Provost Dai to demand that a vote be allowed.


Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation strikers

Oregon graduate employees end eight-day strike

After a 22-hour bargaining session, the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation and the University of Oregon reached a contract agreement on Dec. 10 that brought an end to an eight-day strike by the graduate employees.


After the assault

How faculty and staff can help traumatized students

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